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Updated: 2009-11-23 11:23
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Freezing cold has swept across the city of Beijing and the temperature has dropped to nearly zero degree by day. As we are putting on much warmer clothes, a lot of people have also dressed up their pets to protect them against the bad weather.

What’s the fashion for pets this winter? And do they like the way they are dressed?

A touch of tartan, Scottish style never goes out of time

God he'd yearn for tartan. This looks so boring.

This one is like a cute little princess. Sky blue wadded dress with foofaraw sets off the mini poodle’s sweet femininity. But isn’t the fleeced collar seems a bit redundant with her already fluffy ears?

Here comes woolen sports wear, very comfortable while taking a walk outdoors.

Oi gentleman, let’s shake hands!

Of course you are the owner of your pet and you choose its clothes. But you also have to respect its personal taste.

We carried out a fashion test with various dogs and cats at a pet’s shop and a kitty fancier’s home. Some of them seem very excited with the new look, whereas others, alas, were not quite accustomed to the extra outfits.

"It’s the most popular sailor’s shirt this year… Am I not a lovely poppet… "

"Love you mum, look at my cat walking."

"I look like such an idiot…"

"Hey man, that’s your jacket…"

"It’s so stupid…"

"Look I’m all in pink! I’m the bunny princess!"

Like it or not, they are all dressed in the end. But there ARE some who’d struggle against your attempt to confine them. So here comes the question, do pets really need clothing?

"I’ll explain briefly about whether pets need clothes or not.

It is necessary because the protein we are taking in nowadays is not so good as before. As a result, the cold resistance capacity of both human and animals have been weakened dramatically," said Mr. Zhang, a veterinarian at the Angel Pet Hospital.

"Furthermore, they are now raised indoors. So they are used to the room temperature. And once they get outside, it’s hard to adjust to the relatively low temperature."

Zhang also suggested that pure cotton is always the best choice for pets, which is comfortable to wear and causes the slightest static electricity in Beijing’s dry winter.

However, despite the confirmation from an expert, there are still many people who’d rather keep their pets the way they are.

Maybe we’ve been reading too many fairy tales so we always tend to impersonate animals unconsciously. After all, who in the wide world would like an extra vest over a fur coat?

Video: Christie Lee

Script: Christie Lee