Tourism in Xinjiang recovering after July 5th riot
Updated: 2009-07-16 10:24

Tourism in Xinjiang is slowly recovering following the July 5th riot. Some of the region's scenic areas are starting to receive tourists again.

Kanas, one the famous scenic spots in Xinjiang, is once again receiving visitors.

Liang Biying, traveller from Taiwan, said, "I have fun here. All services and facilities are good."

Wu Changbiao, traveller from Nanjing, said, "We received a warm reception from every ethnic group. We feel satisfied."

Although the temperature in Turpan hit 40 degrees Celsius, it can not change tourist's itinerary.

A traveller from Henan province said, "Xinjiang is part of the ancient silk road, I looked forward to coming here for long time. The local people are warm hearted."

To ensure the safety of tourists, the local travel department has launched a security control response. All key scenic spots, travel agencies and hotels have made full preparations. So far, Xinjiang has received 54 tour groups from home and aboard with total of more than 12-hundred people.