Government: evidence shows Rebiya Kadeer masterminds violence

Updated: 2009-07-10 14:17

Evidence showed that the separatist World Uyghur Congress led by Rebiya Kadeer was behind the deadly July 5 Xinjiang violent crime, according to the regional government on Thursday.

The riot, which killed 156 people, was instigated and masterminded by Kadeer, following the brawl between Han and Uyghur workers in a toy factory in Shaoguan, south China's Guangdong Province on June 26, said Hou Hanmin, a local official.

Soundbite: Hou Hanmin, head of the publicity department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Xinjiang regional committee. "Kadeer held a high-level emergency meeting in World Uyghur Congress immediately after the June 26 incident. Three resolutions were adopted to make use of the incident in encouraging Uyghurs to make troubles in Xinjiang; to strive for sympathy and support from overseas and set June 26 a memorial day."

"At the Congress, Kadeer and others plotted to instigate riot by sending messages via the Internet, telephones and mobile phones. They want "Uygur fellows in China" to be mobilized and called upon them not to fear any sacrifice. They also called on "all the Uyghurs across the world" to act on July 5 and 6 and put pressure on the Chinese government."

Hou also said after the July 5 incident, Kadeer held another emergency meeting with some senior members of the Congress to plan more demonstrations.

SOUNDBITE: Hou Hanmin "On July 7, Dolkun Isa, a key figure in World Uyghur Congress made it clear Urumqi is just the starting point of success. People from different places are to join in" and "some cities could become the main battlefields of anti-Communist Party ruling."

Kadeer, a former businesswoman in China, has been accused for instigating a series of activities to sabotage stability in the country for the past years.


Xinhua News Agency correspondents reporting from Urumqi.