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All about jade

The exhibition, Art of Caibai Collection and Shi Bingmou Jade Themed Paintings, held at the Beijing World Art Museum, offers Beijing residents a rare insight into Chinese jade culture.

Feel the fusion

Dutch trumpet player Eric Vloeimans arrives this weekend for his China debut, along with his group Gatecrash, one of the most skilled European ensembles at mixing jazz and pop.

No nerves this time for Taiwan singer

Backstage at the Beijing Exhibition Theater, Cheer Chen was a bundle of nerves as she checked out the full house. But once she sat down with her guitar, her composure and clear voice had the 5,000-strong crowd mesmerized.

Painter Chen Jiang Hong's visit to San Francisco and Seattle

The Cultural Services of the French Consulate and FACS have organised Chen’s visit to San Francisco and Seattle. Next month, Chen will be giving several conferences and workshops in San Francisco, as well as book signings.

History through design

The exhibition, Chinese Graphic Design of the 20th Century: A Documentary, tracks the social changes and the development of design in China, through posters and ads in magazines and newspapers, besides other design-related books and objects.

Everlasting recollections

Li Xiaoke's print exhibition is titled Trails - The Immortal Memory of Tibet.

They dance, and they teach everyone to dance

Thinking of being a dancer but afraid of the harsh training? Then consider joining Scottish Dance Theatre (SDT)’s creative workshop.

Gallery of paper drawings

A gallery specializing in contemporary works of art on paper, the Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery, has opened in the 798 art district of Beijing.

A career on the line

As a child acrobat growing up in an obscure village in Jiangsu province in the 1950s, Lu Yi did not have it easy. Getting beaten up by his teachers for every little lapse was routine.

The greatest show on Earth

It's a celebration of what the human body can do when a performer defies the force of gravity, locks a foot on a pole and extends vertically, arms akimbo and horizontal to the ground.

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