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Painter Chen Jiang Hong's visit to San Francisco and Seattle
Updated: 2009-11-06 13:12

Painter Chen Jiang Hong's visit to San Francisco and Seattle 

The Cultural Services of the French Consulate and FACS have organised

Chen’s visit to San Francisco and Seattle. Next month, Chen will be giving several conferences and workshops in San Francisco, as well as book signings.


Chen Jiang Hong was born in 1963 near Beijing, China. He earned his master’s degree in fine arts from Beijing’s school of Arts and set up as a painter and illustrator in Paris in 1987. For all of his drawings, he uses ancestral and traditional Chinese techniques which combine India ink and rice paper. His illustrations are characterized by movement of colours, as well as by the variation of rhythm and distance. Very close to the earth, he uses primarily red and black. Chen decided to move to France in 80’s because: “I couldn’t work in China as I work here. It’s not forbidden, but Chinese doesn’t have this conception of album and techniques like Europeans there is any consideration for children’ books in China”.

He wilfully chooses to work on fairytales: “I grew up in China during the great cultural revolution. Back then, propaganda books were the alone to be allowed. Now, I take my revenge: I didn’t have the opportunity to read books when I was younger; now I made it”.


Nov. 10th, at the California College of the Arts (1111 Eight. street) / 5:00 pm workshop, followed by a lecture at 7:00 pm in the Production stage (English) 
Nov. 14th at the Chinese Culture Center (750 Kearny St) / 12:00 pm lecture in Mandarin
Nov. 14th at the Children’s Center of the Main Public Library (Civic Center) / 2:30 pm lecture / 3:30 pm Book signing.

Chen will also be visiting Bay Area High Schools to meet young readers. The school program is supported by the Morgan Family Foundation.

Chen’s books in English are published in the USA by Enchanted Lion Books (Enchanted Lion Books, 201 Richards Street, Studio 4, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Chen’s drawings are on exhibit in Taménaga Art Gallery, 18 avenue Matignon, Paris.


  • Obtained grant from the Centre National du Livre for his book, Zong Kui.
  • Enfantaisielaureate prize for his illustrations of the book “Little Eagle”.