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Good vs evil

In the eyes of Professor Hans Kueng, Chinese culture is the "longest surviving high culture in the world".

Ni Hao, Blinky Bill!

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, the cutesy gumnut babies, imagined in the form of tender Eucalyptus (gum tree) kernels, will soon invade Chinese nurseries.

A comic dynamo who draws outside the lines

The two-volume graphic novel Abi-Sword, a martial arts epic infused with exceptional calligraphic brush skills, is being re-released 18 years after its creation to appeal to a more international audience.

New Orleans' exhibit offers sights, sounds of WWII

A new film theater at the National World War II museum is hoping to lure visitors with a film produced by actor Tom Hanks that features the sights and sounds of battle.

Kenny Chesney concert to hit theaters in 3D

Feeling a little bit country, Sony Pictures said Sunday that it will bring Kenny Chesney to movie theaters in April in a limited-engagement concert film, "Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D."

Boost for 'heavy-color' art

China's first art project aimed at encouraging research into traditional heavy-colored ink paintings and oil paintings, was launched recently in Beijing.

Caught on camera

The annual visual feast of the Lianzhou International Photo Festival, Presence and Presentation, will zero in on news photography this year.

Shaolin monks perform Chinese Kung Fu in Malta

A Shaolin monk performs during the show "The Holy Mountain" at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta November 6, 2009.

Seven Days from October 7th to 13th

Events of the coming week

Shanghai: Coming up

Royal artist descends from throne with birds, dragons

Hailing from a family of Spanish nobility, the son of a marquis, Carlos Morell Orlandis settles in the Middle Kingdom, where he continues his passion for art rather than living a life of royalty back in his native Majorca.

Left on the shelf

It should be easy for an educated woman to find a husband. But Gao Haibo, a promising director from Beijing Film Academy, is taking another look at the truth of this saying at the People's Liberation Army Theater.

Touch of Broadway

The first original Broadway musical in China, Race for Love, gathers a star cast of leading actors and producers from New York.

At home with 'calligraphy saint'

Serenity and Nature, a painting and poem exhibition by Chinese artist Tong Xi, is underway at Kuaixuetang Calligraphy Museum. It is the first exhibition at the newly opened museum.

Comfy or wacky?

Since last week, Sanlitun Village has been attracting hordes of people not for shopping but to try out colorful and wacky eco-chairs at the Design for Sitting exhibition.