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Trails and parks bring beauty closer to locals2022-04-28

Dubbed the city of mountains, Chongqing has impressed the world with its many hills, cliffs and valleys.

Ice-snow travel, winter sports all the rage in Chongqing2022-02-16

Chongqing in Southwest China has been ramping up efforts to build stadiums for winter sports events.

City tour becomes new fashion2022-02-09

During the Spring Festival holiday, a city tour has become a new trend among residents of Liangjiang.

Arc-shaped floating bridge opens in Liangjiang2021-11-01

A white arc-shaped floating bridge passes over Mingyue Lake in the Chongqing Liangjiang Coordinative Zone.

Liangjiang's businesses stimulate consumption over holiday weekend2021-06-17

During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Liangjiang New Area's major business districts redoubled their efforts to stimulate consumption.

Head out to Liangjiang for memorable spring walks2021-03-18

For a great promenade, there are several places in particular worth traveling to in the Liangjiang New Area.

Chongqing Natural History Museum2020-08-24

Located at the foot of Jinyun Mountain in Beibei district, the Chongqing Natural History Museum was designed with a concept from nature -- the spreading roots of ficus virens, the official city tree of Chongqing.

YouTubers explore Chongqing for audience of millions2020-07-01

YouTubers Lee John Barrett and Oliver Joshua Barrett made their first visit to Chongqing on Friday, and plan to release a series of vlogs based on their 10-day travel through the municipality.

Chongqing weaves magic2020-06-28

As a traditional industrial hub in southwest China as large as Austria, the mountain city used to be famous for its auto and manufacturing industries.

Learn more about Liangjiang through regional tourist routes2020-05-29

During its first consumption festival, Liangjiang launched three featured tourist routes to introduce all aspects of the area to visitors.

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