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Culture, education and training2019-10-14

Municipal Education Board: 086(23)63855358

Tongda Driving School: 086(23) 49831118

Ai Bei Kang Veterinary Clinic2019-10-14

Ai Bei Kang Veterinary Clinic provides a one-stop service for small pets - including vaccinations, healthcare and grooming – and also has pets and various pet products for sale.

Chongqing Peace Hospital2019-10-14

Chongqing Peace Hospital – also known as 324 Hospital - is attached to Chongqing Military Region and is a large first-class general hospital that combines healthcare services, medical education and scientific research.

Types of Chinese Visas2019-10-14

There are four categories of China visas: diplomatic visa, courtesy visa, service visa and ordinary visa.The tourist and family visit visa (L-visa) is issued to foreign nationals who come to China for the purpose of tourism, a family visit or other personal matters.

Foreign-related marriage in China2019-10-14

A marriage in China between a foreigner and a Chinese citizen or between two foreigners is called a "foreign-related marriage". According to Article 147 of the General Principles of the Civil Law of the People's Republic of China, marriage of a Chinese citizen to a foreigner is bound by the law of the country where they marry. Therefore, partners contemplating a foreign-related marriage in China must follow the procedures stipulated by Chinese law.

Getting married in China  2019-10-14

American citizens contemplating marriage to a Chinese citizen in China should review the following information, which is given for general background reference only and, while it is believed to be accurate, we suggest that you check locally for any changes that might have been made.

Registration of foreign adoptions2019-10-14

Registration of Foreign Adoptions in the People's Republic of China requires several steps.


A total of 17 countries have established cooperative relationships with China concerning intercountry adoption. Only citizens of these countries can adopt children from China.

Chongqing Stomatological Hospital2019-10-14

The Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Chongqing Medical University - also known as Chongqing Stomatological Hospital and previously called Shajia Dam Dental Depensary - was established in October 1943.

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