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Yuelai Primary School finishes construction

Updated: 2015-09-06

By Ge Jieru,

Renovation work on Yuelai Primary School in Liangjiang's Yuelai New District has been completed and has passed quality inspections, according to the Liangjiang administrative committee.

The school re-opened on Sept 1 with a maximum capacity of approximately 1,000 students and 24 classes.

Yuelai Primary School has constructed 18 rain flower-stands and an underground reservoir to facilitate rain water recycling. The school's reconstruction works have met Yuelai District’s "sponge city" construction requirements.

"Sponge cities" are national projects that have been launched to make full use of rainwater potential in energy and conservation.

The school is located in Liangjiang New Area's Yuelai New District in the Chongqing municipality. Yuelai New District contains three functional areas: an exhibition area, eco-friendly area and smart city area.

Statistics from the Liangjiang administrative committee show that approximately 800 million ($128 million) yuan will be invested in the construction of the pilot "sponge city" project in Yuelai New District.

Edited by Andrew Ancheta


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