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Updated: 2012-08-28

Lujiazui, which literally means "Lu's Mouth", is located in the Pudong New District on the eastern bank of the Huangpu River. It forms a peninsula on a bend of the Huangpu River as it turns from north to east. The importance of Lujiazui stems from the fact that it lies directly across the river from the Bund, the old financial and business district of Shanghai, and just south of the confluence of Suzhou Creek and the Huangpu River. Until the 1980s, Lujiazui was a relatively undeveloped area, featuring residential houses, warehouses and factories.


The entire financial and trade zone covers an area of 28 square kilometers with a 6.8-square-kilometer planning and development area containing more than 100 buildings and skyscrapers.

The Pudong New District is located between 30° 08' 20" and 31° 23' 22" north latitude and 121° 27' 18" and 121° 48' 43" east longitude. It sits east of the Yangtze River Delta, one of the most affluent areas in China, where the Yangtze River flows into the ocean along China’s coastal line.

The Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone is in the central western part of the Pudong New District and is at the forefront of China’s reform and opening up. It is also the core area for Pudong’s reform and development.

Facing Huangpu River in the west, Lujiazui is adjacent to the Jinqiao Development Zone and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in the east and the Sanlin Expo area in the south. It enjoys unique geographical advantages and broad space for development. The neighboring Pudong International Airport connects it with countries and regions around the world, making Lujiazui a gate for overseas investors to enter the Pudong New District. Lujiazui is also connected to the Waigaoqiao Port Area in the north, opening it to many important port cities around the world. Every year, trillions of standard containers of cargo are transported from this area to every corner of the world.

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