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Better services needed for congested highways

Updated: 2014-02-07 17:15

The highway administration departments of different regions in China need to strengthen their coordination to provide better service for travelers, says an article in Southern Metropolis Daily. Excerpts:

Many people experienced congestion on highways on their way back home on the last day of their Spring Festival holiday because of heavy snow in Central and North China.

The toll-free policy during Spring Festival increased traffic flow on the highway system, but this should not be an excuse for a large-scale traffic jam.

Several main highways in some provinces were nearly paralyzed by the snow, which was forecast well ahead.

A sharp increase of automobiles on the highway is predictable. But the highway administration departments did not strengthen their service and management during this special period accordingly, except for closing the entrance to some sections of the highways.

As highway administration rights are usually divided among different investors and owners across the country, the service standard and management level vary from place to place. Yet the highways are interconnected across the country.

In times of extreme weather, there should be coordinated efforts among the administrations to ensure safety and make the best use of the highway system.

Moreover, the service also includes providing necessary and timely assistance to drivers in difficulty. In extreme conditions, the highway administrations and local governments should prepare enough food and water for people stranded on the highways.

As for drivers who casually throw rubbish on the highways or break traffic rules, the traffic administrations must consolidate their punishment and supervision to maintain good order within the transportation system.