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High-speed trains out of reach

Updated: 2014-02-07 08:05
( China Daily)

Although there have been more high-speed trains this Spring Festival, migrant workers still prefer to "fight their way out" on ordinary trains, because of the price, says an article on People's Daily. Excerpts:

High-speed trains are indeed spacious, clean and well-equipped, and they are known for their quality service and fast speed, but all these excellent attributes cost passengers more money, which is simply not affordable for most migrant workers. Therefore, the construction of high-speed railways is more than just a technical problem as they should meet the demand as a whole, especially the demand of low-income consumers.

It remains to be seen whether there were many unsold seats on the high-speed trains during the holiday rush, but the preference of migrant workers for ordinary trains shows there is still a demand for lower cost trains. Trains are service facility and decision-makers have to take into consideration the interests of this specific group.

Whether or not such ordinary trains should be eliminated should not be determined by technical factors only, it is also necessary to consider people's incomes. Only when people on lower incomes can afford high-speed trains will the time come to eliminate ordinary trains. Perhaps in the future, high-speed trains will become the main means of travel during the Spring Festival travel peak.

The development of high-speed trains demonstrates both economic and technological development, but as long as people can't afford them, it means the ordinary trains are neither out of date nor should step down from the stage of history. Only by not ignoring the demand of all consumer groups can the interests of those at the lower end of society not be compromised.