UETD's investment advantages and future goals

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Updated: 2017-02-16

UETD investment advantages

(1) Geographical advantages

The Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe District) is located in the center of the Tianshan North Lope Economic Zone, one of the national key economic zones. Facing Southwest Asia, the economic zone is adjacent to the Kashkar Economic Zone and Khorgos Economic zone with easy access to the New Euro-Asia Continental Bridge. It's an important business platform between Xinjiang and Central Southwest Asia.

The zone is near the Urumqi International Airport, railway station, freight terminal and high-speed train transportation hub. Thus it enjoys importing and exporting advantages.

(2) Structural advantages

As a national economic and technological development zone and national export processing zone, UETD enjoys the advantages of the export-oriented economy. Being a second-class port, protective tariff logistics center, export control warehouse and a public protective tariff warehouse, the zone is also home to new Xinjiang software parks, Xinjiang overseas returnees career-building park, university technology industrial park, post-doctoral research station and an occupational training base.

(3) Industrial clusters

The UETD introduced large companies and groups to extend its industrial clusters. Newly established clusters include the largest wind power equipment production cluster in China, a metallurgical industrial cluster, a food and beverage processing industrial cluster, a mechanical equipment production cluster, automobile manufacturing cluster and a new-type building material cluster.

(4) Investment environment

The second stage of the Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone has optimized the zone's infrastructures. The construction of the zone's extended area is scheduled to be completed in three years. The optimized first stage of the economic zone and the west railway station provide easy accesses for living, studying and entertaining in the economic development zone.

The zone has adopted the ISO9000 Quality Control and ISO14000 Environment Control systems to boost the zone's service internalization and work efficiency.

(5) Expert policy

The UETD adopted a series of policies to attract technological innovations and intellectual property rights protection. There are four national and autonomous technology research centers, 13 company R&D centers, an academicians service center and one post-doctorate station. The innovative economic development zone is praised as the “national wind power high-tech industrial base” and “national intellectual property rights pilot park”.

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