Court Reform in China

( Updated : 2017-03-14


The new round of the reform of judicial system has been centering on problems and guided by the objectives, starting from the deep-seated problems affecting judicial impartiality and inhibiting judicial capability, and the problems involving the direct and realistic interests that the public care most; such reform has been observing all the time the laws of justice while proceeding from China's actual conditions, exploring the road of reform of the judicial system with Chinese characteristics, focusing on building and improving the socialist judicial system with Chinese characteristics, and has been pushed forward step by step by operation of law, and combined top-down design with exploration through pilot programs, so as to ensure that the reform will be conducted in a vigorous and steady manner.

The people's understanding and support are the driving force behind the judicial reform, and the people's sense of gain is the standard for evaluating the judicial reform. In light of the new challenges in the new era, the people's new expectations and new progress in science and technology, the judicial reform of China's courts will always be pushed forward and never be finished. In the next step, the people's courts will rally closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, unremittingly pursue the goal to make the public experience fairness and justice in each judicial case, stay true to the mission, always forge ahead, make continuous efforts to push forward the reform of the judicial system and improve the socialist judicial system with Chinese characteristics, and make new and great contributions to the building of a socialist country under the rule of law and the realization of the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.



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