Public receives free handbooks, consultations

( Updated : 2016-12-05

China marks its third National Constitution Day on Dec 4. Officials and legal experts have taken to the streets of Beijing to hand out information booklets and offer free consultations.

This woman is complaining that her company has been forcing her to quit the job. She got advice from a legal official and two experts.

"They told me to go to the Labor Supervision Group. The law is very useful in Beijing," she said.

China's Constitution was adopted 24 years ago. But, in 2014, the country chose December 4th as a special day to help raise awareness about the fundamental laws of the land...

"I usually get my legal knowledge from TV programs, I can also read more from such books," said a local resident.

" This promotion lets me know at least that there is such a thing as a Constitution Day. The materials can help me learn more legal knowledge," said another resident.

Celebrating the Constitution Day is also part of President Xi Jinping's campaign to strengthen the legal system, reduce corruption and improve government efficiency.

"Last year we saw Chinese citizens' legal awareness up by about five percent on five years ago. Our judicial departments are getting fairer, and law enforcement departments are getting stricter," said Ma Yan, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice.