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(2005)11 GOTSPCPRC[T99]

Important Laws

Standing Committee of National People’s Congress

Interpretation on the Regulations concerning Credit Cards in the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China (3)

Appointment and Removal

Name List of Judges of the Supreme People’s Court Appointed or Removed by Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (3)

Supreme People’s Court

Announcement on Appointing Qu Dacheng and Su Yong as Justices of the People’s Republic of China (3)

Supreme People’s Court

Announcement on Appointing Li Ke as Justice of the People’s Republic of China (4)

Judicial Interpretations

Supreme People’s Court

Reply on How to Handle the Situation that Judicial Documents Could not be Served on a Defendant’s Address Provided by the Plaintiff When Instituting the Suit (4)

Supreme People’s Court

Regulation on the Issues Related to the Trail of Mortgage Loan Cases Concerning Export TaxRefund Trust Account (5)

Supreme People’s Court Supreme People’s Procuratorate

Interpretation on Several Issues of Concrete Application of Law in handling Criminal Cases of Infringing Intellectual Property Rights (6)

Supreme People’s Court

Interpretation on Several Issues of Law Application in the Trial of Cases Concerning Technology Contract Dispute (9)

Judicial Documents

Supreme People’s Court Ministry of Justice

Notification on the Issue of Implementation Opinion on the Selection, Appointment, Training and Assessment of People’s Assessors (16)

Supreme People’s Court

Notification on Strictly Cracking Down the Crimes of Fraud in Financing and Illegal Absorbing Public Deposits According to Law (18)

Supreme People’s Court

Notification on the Implementation of Regulation on Mail or Service of Civil Litigation Documents by means of Court Special Mail (20)

Selected Judgements

Case of Dispute over Arrears with Land Acquisition Funds:

Beishapo Village Committee v. Xi’an High-tech Development Zone Eastern Part Management Committee (22)

Case of Dispute over Loan Guarantee Contract:

Dongfang Company Nanning Branch v. Wuyangshen Company (28)


Case of Negligent Homicide:

Zhongyuan District People’s Procuratorate of Zhengzhou City v. Gao Xianzhi and Qiao Yongjie (37)

Case of Administrative Mandatory Decision: Zaishengyuan Company v. Shanghai Municipal Public Health Bureau (41)

Case Announcement

Statistics on Civil Cases Concluded by the Supreme People’s Court in November of 2004 (45)

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