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(2004)1 GOTSPCPRC[T87]


To Provide a More Vigorous Judicial Protection For the Building of a Well-off Society in an All-round Way By Xiao Yang(3)

Judicial Interpretations

Supreme People’s Court

Reply on Whether Payment Request of Waterway Maintenance Tolls Can be Filed in Maritime Liens (13)

Supreme People’s Court

Interpretation Ⅱ on Several Issues in the Application of Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China (14)

Judicial Document

Supreme People’s Court

Notification on the Submission of Review Cases which A Judgement Is Revised to Death Penalty According To Trial Supervision Procedure, or A Death Penalty Should Be Executed When theDefendant Commits An Intentional Crime During The Period of Suspension of Death Penalty (17)

Selected Court Judgements

Case of Embezzlement and Misappropriation of Public Funds:

Chongqing People’s Procuratorate Second Branch v. Chen Xin (18)

Case of Debts Guarantee Dispute:

Hongkong Xinjianye Ltd. Corp. v. Shanghai XinJianye Ltd. (20)


Case of Acceptance of Bribes:

Beijing People’s Procuratorate Second Branch v. Cheng Shaozhi (30)

Case of Will Enforcement Agent Contract Dispute:

Xiang Meiqiong and Others v. Zhang Fengxia and others (33)

Case of Administrative Compensation:

Shanghai Huixing Industry Company v. Shanghai Pujiang Customs (38)

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