China’s top judge urges training for people in legal profession

Updated : 2015-10-13

At a meeting on the nation’s courts on June 18, China’s top judge Zhou Qiang urged a comprehensive reform on education and personnel training in the legal profession.

Zhou, also president of the Supreme People’s Court (SPC), China’s top court, said it is essential to improve the quality of education and training to increase judicial competence.

He said education and training for legal professionals plays a key role in boosting China’s development as well as Party building.

Judicial professionals must adapt themselves to new situations and improve their capacities and services through participating in a multi-level, multi-category training system to meet people’s increasing, higher demands, Zhou said.

Besides, reform, innovation and open-mindedness are all needed to help absorb quality third-party education resources and inject vitality into education and training programs, Zhou noted. He urged courts at all levels to plan well, and coordinate with other departments to attain their set training goals.

The meeting was attended by heads of the SPC’s divisions and representatives from Chinese courts at all levels. The presidents of the high people's courts of Beijing, Shanghai and the provinces of Jiangsu and Henan shared their experiences in organizing multimedia technology-assisted training programs.