Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of the People’s Republic of China

( Updated : 2015-07-17

Chapter IV Health Supervision

Article 18 Frontier health and quarantine offices shall, in accordance with State health standards, exercise health supervision over the sanitary conditions at frontier ports and the sanitary conditions of conveyances on entry or exit at frontier ports. They shall:

(1) supervise and direct concerned personnel on the prevention and elimination of rodents and insects that carry diseases;

(2) inspect and test food and drinking water and facilities for their storage, supply and delivery;

(3) supervise the health of employees engaged in the supply of food and drinking water and check their health certificates; and

(4) supervise and inspect the disposal of garbage, waste matter, sewage, excrement and ballast water.

Article 19 Frontier health and quarantine offices shall have frontier port health supervisors, who shall carry out the tasks assigned by the frontier health and quarantine offices.

In performing their duties, frontier port health supervisors shall be authorized to conduct health supervision and give technical guidance regarding frontier ports and conveyances on entry or exit; to give advice for improvement wherever sanitary conditions are unsatisfactory and factors exist that may spread infectious diseases; and to coordinate departments concerned to take necessary measures and apply sanitary treatment.