Follow Xu Xiake's footsteps around Shanghai Sheshan Resort2022-06-23

Chinese super traveler Xu Xiake visited several places in the Sheshan area, which is now the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort, and his travel route, known as the "Xiake Ancient Route", has attracted many followers.

Recommended route for two-day parent-child trip2022-03-02

For those looking to take a two-day parent-child trip in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort, here is a recommended route: Chenshan Botanical Garden→Shanghai Shimao Dream City→InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland→Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park.

Enjoy boating around archaic Guangulin Cultural Relics Park2021-12-14

Guangulin Cultural Relics Park, a 4A-level tourist attraction located in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort, has launched boat tour services.

Popular routes to tour Sheshan resort in autumn2021-10-11

Here are four popular autumn tour routes for Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort that will appeal to different kinds of visitors.

Take a one-day trip to Sheshan resort in early autumn2021-08-31

Here is a recommended one-day travel route at the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

Five recommended summer tour routes at Sheshan resort2021-08-06

Check out the five recommended routes to tour through the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Songjiang district of Shanghai this summer.

Sheshan attractions, hotels included in fast travel routes2020-08-14

Tourist attractions and hotels at the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort were included in the recently-unveiled 66 recommended travel routes via high-speed rail in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Eight greenways in Songjiang district perfect for daily fitness2020-05-14

Songjiang district in Shanghai offers local residents more than 56 kilometers of greenways.

Traveling tips during epidemic2020-03-25

As the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread, governments around the world are pooling wisdom to cope with the epidemic.

Latest notice from Sheshan Golf Club2020-03-24

Sheshan Golf Club is strictly regulating its reservation process and admission procedures.

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