Sheshan attractions offering huge discounts for Shanghai Tourism Festival2017-09-11

Shanghai Sheshan Tourism Resort is offering huge discounts to visitors for a week during Shanghai Tourism Festival, which will be celebrated all over the city from Sept 9 to Oct 6.

Come and enjoy a water park, a happy valley and summer parties2017-06-19

The renowned Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort will run its summer carnival for visitors from June 24 and August 31 at various tourist attractions in the area.

Playa Maya, your water wonderland2017-06-01

As the hot summer months set in, thrill seekers can head to Playa Maya Water Park in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort to cool off and get the adrenalin flowing.

Thrill n' chill in Happy Valley at summer nights2017-05-10

Adventure-seekers in Shanghai who have been dreaming up ways to get hearts pumping and adrenaline flowing need look no further than the city's largest amusement park, Shanghai Happy Valley.

Tianma Circuit2015-05-22

Since its opening in 2004, Shanghai Tianma Circuit has gradually turned from a professional circuit to an entertaining fashionable theme park which seeks to satisfy the needs of drivers.

Sheshan recreations2012-05-16

Sheshan Mountain is located in Songjiang district, Shanghai, China. It includes East Sheshan Mountain and West Sheshan Mountain, 98m and 97m above sea level respectively.

Tianma Country Club2012-05-15

Phil Ryan of Australia designed 27-hole championship golf course. He adopted unique greens and 300-mm silver sand pits for the fairways. He installed instant drainage system.

Sheshan National Tourist Resort2012-05-15

Located in in Songjiang district, the Sheshan National Tourist Resort is home to numerous hotels and scenic spots, such as Sheshan Forest Park, Happy Valley and Chenshan Arboretum.

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