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Messengers of spring, embodiments of beauty, flowers are one of the most amazing wonders of Changsha county. As a new year dawns, closely followed by spring in tow, we can look forward to another round of floral blooms in the following months.

Flowers add color to Changsha county

With the arrival of warm spring days, a host of colorful flowers are in full bloom in the parks of Changsha county.

Plum blossoms, peach blossoms, and magnolias are particular favorites among local people and visitors.

Changsha county has become a "garden city" and has its second three-year "green city" plan underway, which has helped improve the environment in the region.


First cherry blossom festival opens in Xunlong River town

The Xunlong River Wonderful Sakura Valley officially opened in Changsha county, Hunan province on March 11, launching the area's first cherry blossom festival on the same day.

Built from July last year, the park is expected to become south-central China's largest cherry blossom resort, boasting a planting area of 500 mu (33.3 hectares) and accommodating more than 10,000 cherry trees of 30 varieties.

Cherry blossom resort project settles in Changsha county

The Xunlong River Eco Art Town in Changsha County is expected to be built into the largest cherry blossom resort in central south China.

Two local companies, Hunan Kangshou Health Management and Hunan Palm Xunlong River Eco-agricultural Development Co, reached an agreement on the Xunlong River Wonderful Sakura Valley project on June 28.

Cherry blossom festival opens in town along Liuyang River

A red and pink cherry blossom festival has been opened in Jiangbei town, Changsha county on March 26, attracting tourists from across Hunan province. The festival is part of the county's effort to boost the Liuyang River Cultural Tourism Industry Belt.

The county, a district of Hunan capital city Changsha has seen rapid development in recent years.


Changsha county ablaze with flowering fields

With the arriving spring, brightly colored rape flowers are coming into bloom and attracting a large number of visitors and photographers to Changsha county.

The festival received 200,000 guests last year and organizers hope to expand on the successful event this time around.

Changsha prepares for rape flower festival

As the end of Spring Festival closes in, villagers in Changsha county are preparing for the next big date on the social calendar - the annual rape flower festival, to be held in March.

In its second year, the festival, which celebrates the versatile crop, is expected to be bigger and better than ever. It attracted around 200,000visitors last year.


Massive rose-shaped tulip garden graces Changsha

A huge rose-shaped tulip garden is seen in an aerial photo in Central China's Changsha, Hunan province, Mar 8, 2017. The garden spans an area of more than 16,000 square meters, using over 600,000 tulips.

Over 600,000 tulips form a huge rose-shaped garden spanning an area of over 16,000 square meters in Central China's Changsha, Hunan province.

Tourists enjoy tulip blossoms in C China's Hunan

Tourists enjoy the tulip blossoms at Hunan Forest Botanical Garden in Changsha city of Central China's Hunan province, March 11, 2017.

Tourists pose for pictures with the tulip blossoms at Hunan Forest Botanical Garden in Changsha city of Central China's Hunan province, March 11, 2017.


Changsha county hosts lotus festival

The first lotus festival of Changsha county in Central China's Hunan province opened in Piaofeng Villa, Kaihui town on July 9, attracting over 500 visitors. Acres of lotuses are in full blossom in the villa, creating an illusion for visitors of roaming inside a pink and green painting. Besides the physical beauty of lotuses, visitors can also enjoy dishes featuring lotus ingredients such as seeds and roots.

Chunhua town opens lotus festival

Chunhua town in Changsha county opened a lotus festival on July 16, following in the footsteps of its brother town Kaihui, where a similar festival opened a few days earlier.

Roaming around the Qunyi lotus pond in Huayuan New village enjoying its fragrance, viewing the magnificent Chunhua Aqueduct, picking grapes, catching crayfish and loaches, and appreciating photography exhibitions highlighting impressions of Chunhua, tourists can savor a tranquil and mellow summer along with natural edification.


Plum trees in full blossom in Gaoqiao town

Plum blossoms of 25 mu (1.67 hectares) have fully blossomed in Gaoqiao town, Changsha county. Local residents will be able to visit the garden where they can view the beautiful blossoming plum trees, local officials announced.

The plum blossom garden sits in the yard of the town's agricultural research institute, according to the csxnews.com. In possible further enjoyment, the oriental cherry park in the town is also expecting a sea of flowers by the end of March.

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