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It's time to cool off!

A man soaks his feet in the Hanjiang River while enjoying his supper in Wuhan, capital city of Central China's Hubei province on July 29, 2013.

In bid to compete, luxury Japanese brands go local

Two of Japan's top automakers are planning local production of their premium brands in the hope of grabbing a share of a segment long dominated by German manufacturers.

Enshi, China: discovering China's grand canyon

My recent trip to the Hubei (Hu-bay) province of Central China proved to be a real eye opener.

Wudang with panache

They say "seeing is believing", and inspired by all those kungfu movies I was weaned on, I decided to experience the fascinating attractions of Wudang Mountain first-hand.

My tips of touring Wuhan

Just came back from Wuhan and here is my personal review for your reference.

Brush up on history with Kingdom of Chu excursion

A trip to Wudang Mountains can be preceded or followed by side trips into other parts of Hubei province, which will be a journey into the heart of China as well as into a time when the place was known as the Kingdom of Chu.

Where history stands still

Ever since I was quite young, Wuhan was part of my vocabulary - even before I knew that it was at thre heart of China.