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Wudang Mountain Taoist Music

Wudang Mountain Taoist Temple is a sacred site of Taoism, and even before the Ming Dynasty, it was honored as the birthplace of the Great Perfect Warrior Emperor of the Mysterious Northern Heaven.

Hubei, cradle of the Chu culture

The Chu Culture is one of the most important parts of the Chinese Culture.

Shadow play, Hubei intangible cultural heritage

A white screen, a flame, some music and a few flat puppets that move and tell a story composed shadow play, a traditional Chinese folk art with a history of more than 2,000 years.

Chuju Opera Theater of Hubei Province

Chuju Opera is one of the main local opera varieties in Hubei Province.Theater has created, collected and transplanted more than one hundred operas.

Wuhan Acrobatics Troupe

The Wuhan Acrobatics Troupe, founded in September 1953, is one of the earliest acrobatic troupes in thePeople's Republic of China.

Wuhan Modern Drama Theater

The Wuhan Modern Drama Theater, founded in 1957,has staged over 300 dramas.

Opera and Dance Drama Theater of Hubei Province

The Opera and Dance Drama Theater of Hubei Province was founded in May 1998, a combination of the former Hubei Provincial Song and Dance Troupe.

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