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Honghu lotus root powder

Updated: 2011-12-14


Honghu lotus root powder is a famous specialty of Honghu, Hubei and a natural and ideal nourishing food.

The Honghu Lake is the largest unpolluted fresh water lake in the world at present. The Honghu lotus root powder is made utilizing modern technology and the wild lotus roots in the lake. The root is crystal clear, tastes crispy and is refreshing. With white sugar and other seasonings, it suits the taste of many people and is a wholesome and convenient food. Honghu lotus root is rich in starch, protein and vitamins, containing a high calcium content, no sugar and is suitable for both the young and the old. It is famous at home and abroad and is favorably called “a delicacy in water”.

Honghu lotus root powder


Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that lotus root powder has a sweet and plain nature and can activate blood, stop bleeding, regulate middle qi, whet appetite and improve deficiency and hemorrhages. It is an important food to have after childbearing or hematemesis. In Chinese Medical Dictionary, lotus root powder relieves summer heat, promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, helps digestion, regulates middle qi, whets appetite, clears exterior heat, keeps yin and wei qi balanced, clears extravasated blood and generates fresh blood. The Compendium of Materia Medica says eating lotus root powder is good for health.

Way to eat

Firstly, attention should be paid to the storage condition of lotus root powder because lotus root powder can become damp and adsorb a peculiar smell. It is recommended to keep it in a dry place with a relative humidity of 70 percent and ambient temperature of 0~20℃, the lower, the better within this temperature range. Do not keep it near any substance that give off any smell. Good lotus root makes good lotus root powder. It would create a special feeling if you eat lotus root powder while listening to the famous classic song “the waves on the lake Honghu”.

To dissolve lotus root powder, you must have a spoon, a sachet of lotus root powder, and prepare cold boiled water and boiling water. Put the lotus root powder into a bowl, add one or two spoons of cold boiled water and mix evenly. Never put too much cold boiled water, usually one spoonful is enough. Be sure the powder is thoroughly mixed with the water then add the boiling water (remember, the water must be boiling hot) and keep stirring. The color of the lotus root powder will change quickly with the addition of the boiling water. It will turn a light brown color that is warm and smooth. If you prefer it sweetened, you may add sugar before the addition of the cold boiled water. The sequence of cold boiled water and boiling water can not be inverted.