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Ruzhou highly values the investment      2011-04-28
The development and reform commission of Ruzhou announced it has emphasized the infrastructure and attracted several investments since the beginning of 2011.

County economic development summit opens      2010-12-23
The summit on counties’ economic development opens in the Great Hall of the People on Dec. 19.

Innovation leads to industrial restructuring      2010-09-20

Ruzhou has prioritized independent innovation as a core point for industrial restructuring. It uses cutting-edge technology to upgrade traditional industries, such as energy, casting, food, and coal chemicals.

Ruzhou builds Ru Porcelain wood-fired kiln      2010-09-20
The first batch of the Song Dynasty-styled Ru porcelain came out of the first wood-fired kiln in Ruzhou city. They have sapid glazing colors, which appear azure and pink cyan.

Resources and Economy      2010-09-17
Ruzhou enjoys an abundance of mineral resources, with 46 mineral detected, including raw coal, bauxite, hydraulic limestone and geothermal water.

New brands pull up Ruzhou’s economy      2010-09-17
Ruzhou has adopted a brand strategy to accelerate the optimization of its industrial structure and the transition of its economic development pattern so as to improve its economic strength and core competitiveness.

Investments boost Ruzhou’s economy      2010-09-17
Ruzhou City found a new way to boost its economic growth by introducing new projects and attracting more investment in recent years.

Ruzhou focuses on safe production      2010-09-14
A working conference with the theme of “safe production” was held on September 4 in Ruzhou, Henan province, at which the production situations of the past eight months were announced and existing problems were analyzed.

Ruzhou coal mining companies merging, reorganization progressing well      2010-09-14
Of the 38 coal mining companies in Ruzhou, Henan province, 36 have finished their name pre-registrations and nine have filed applications for new business licenses, according to the city’s coal mining companies’ merging and reorganization headquarters.

Ruzhou attracts RMB 720 million in investment      2010-08-30
On August 26, the Ruzhou delegation attended the Sixth China Henan International Investment & Trade Fair on Aug 26, winning back two investment contracts with a total capital of 720 million yuan ($107 million).

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