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Direct air service links Nepal, SW China


A new direct air route opened Tuesday evening, linking the city of Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province with Kathmandu, Nepal's capital.

Guiyang to establish garbage comprehensive disposal system


According to the 2018-2022 garbage sorting plan, Guiyang of Southwest China's Guizhou province has started a garbage sorting, collection, transportation and disposal system this month.

Pic story: inheritor of Chishui bamboo weaving in China's Guizhou


Yang Changqin, a post-90's girl of the Miao ethnic group, is an inheritor of Guizhou provincial intangible cultural heritage -- Chishui bamboo weaving.

'Legendary' teacher is not the retiring type


After working as a principal at a top school in a prosperous province, it was not an easy decision to pack up and move to a rural high school in an impoverished area - especially when you have just retired.

Guizhou teacher an example to all


Jiang Wuyuan, 76, has devoted himself to education for 58 years in the most remote areas of Southwest China's Guizhou province. He is so dedicated he has said he would continue teaching as long as he possibly could.

Man turns balloons into works of art


Xu Wulong is known as the "king of balloons", as he is able to create a variety of things out of them.

Heavy snow turns Guizhou into winter wonderland


With cold air approaching, Dahaiba Forest Farm in Southwest China's Guizhou province embraced its first snowfall of the winter on Dec 5. Ice and snow transformed the area into a winter wonderland.

Hiker walks from Sichuan to Tibet with pet dog


After hiking approximately 1,300 kilometers, Chen Rui and his pet dog arrived at Lulang town of Nyingchi, Tibet autonomous region, on Dec 5.

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