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Updated: 2013-09-18


Known as a "famous city in West China", Tongren is located in the northeastern Guizhou province and has two districts, four counties and four autonomous prefectures, namely Bijiang, Wanshan, Jiangkou, Shiqian, Sinan, Dejiang, Yuping, Songtao, Yanhe and Yinjiang.

Tongren takes an important role as a transportation hub in the province and enjoys a reputation as "Door of Guizhou province", "Pure land of Brahma" and "City of benevolence, righteousness and wisdom".

Enjoying abundant rain and sunshine, Tongren has a fantastic climate for agriculture and produces a great range of agricultural products, including rice, corn, sweet potato, potato, soybean, oilseed rape, peanut, flue-cured tobacco, watermelon and sugarcane.

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