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Cherry blossoms bring tourists to Guizhou

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Updated: 2017-03-14

Cherry blossoms bring tourists to Guizhou

Tourists enjoy strolling through the cherry trees of Guian Cherry Garden. [Photo/gz.xinhuanet.com]

Approximately 700,000 cherry trees have bloomed in Guizhou’s Guian Cherry Garden attracting numerous visitors.

Located in the heart of Guizhou province, Guian Cherry Garden is the largest cherry plantation base worldwide. The garden features two kilometers of centurial camphor trees, which take three or four persons to encircle. National protected species, including the Golden Pheasant, Lady Amherst’s Pheasant and Reeve’s Pheasant also wander the cherry garden.

Two million tourists have come to visit the cherry garden each year since 2005, with 1.3 million visting during flower season. As cherry blossom season ends in late March, tourists pour into Guian Cherry Garden to stroll beneath the fabulously fragrant canopy.

Miao and Bouyei villages also neighbor Guian Cherry Garden. Ethnic festivals, unique songs and dances and traditional handcrafts can all be found nearby.

Visitors to the garden may also wish to visit nearby attractions such as Wanhua Temple, the Yunmanhu International Leisure Resort, Yuelianghu Wetland Park and the Chetian Cultural Center in Chetian village.

Cherry blossoms bring tourists to Guizhou
Guian Cherry Garden, Guizhou province. [Photo/gz.xinhuanet.com]

Cherry blossoms bring tourists to Guizhou

Visitors hold a themed photo shoots in Guian Cherry Garden. [Photo/gz.xinhuanet.com]

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