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Guian issues support policies for big data companies


To support the development of Guiyang Big Data Sci-tech Innovation City, the Guian New Area in Southwest China's Guizhou province recently released a number of policies to encourage companies to locate their operations there.

Guiyang's policies for encouraging foreign investment utilization


Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, released several measures to encourage foreign investment utilization this year.

Reforms to boost nation's market fairness


China will accelerate reforms to encourage fair competition in the market, spur the vitality of smaller companies and offer private business owners greater tax incentives to give back to society, which is crucial for the country to achieve the goal of common prosperity, experts said.

Guiyang, Guian to co-construct industrial parks


An industrial park co-construction trial plan for Guiyang and Guian New Area in Southwest China's Guizhou province was recently released, encouraging six districts, the county-level city of Qingzhen, and four State-level development zones to establish industrial parks in Guian.

Tax cuts continue support in 2021


In 2021, China is ramping up efforts to cut taxes and support the real economy. Preferential policies released in the first half will be extended to the end of the year.

Guian New Area promotes 19 types of electronic licenses


The government affairs service center of Guian New Area – located in Southwest China's Guizhou province – has optimized its services to bring convenience to companies and residents, according to local media reports.

Negative list to be shortened for investors


China's unwavering efforts to deepen reform and opening-up are set to provide more business opportunities to foreign investors and contribute further to world economic recovery.

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