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Efforts to improve environment across Guizhou

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Updated: 2017-07-11

In a bid to achieve sustainable method of the driving economy, cities in Guizhou province have been taking measures and exploring their own way of improving the environment and quality of drinking water.

Guiyang: platform monitoring water quality

Efforts to improve environment across Guizhou

Hongfeng Lake is one of Guiyang's most important drinking water sources. [Photo by Leng Guiyu/chinanews.com]

The capital city of Guizhou province has three important sources of drinking water, Hongfeng Lake, Baihua Lake and the Aha Reservoir, supplying a daily amount of 550,000 tons of 60 percent of the total water consumption in the city.

To ensure the safety and quality of drinking water, the local government introduced an online platform to monitor water conditions in real time. Put into use from last September, the platform can monitor dangers and pollution as it updates the latest indexes every four hours.

The platform also has a matched mobile app, enabling government officials and residents to check the data.

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