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Updated: 2017-02-15

Procedure for Employment in Beijing

Foreign nationals - currently in China - who do not have a residence permit (holders of F, L, C and G visas), those who are studying or doing an internship in China, and dependents of foreigners employed in the country, should take precautions so as to avoid being illegally employed. If required, the prospective employer of a foreign national should change the foreigner’s visa status at the public security bureau and should apply for an Employment Permit and Residence Permit.

A foreign national who aims to come to China for work should apply for a work visa at a Chinese embassy or consulate. After he/she enters China, the employer can apply for an Employment Permit at the Municipal Bureau of Labor and Social Security.

Telephone number of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Labor and Social Security: +86 10 6316 7924

Employment of Spouse of Foreign National Working in Beijing

If a spouse plans to work in Beijing and has reached a preliminary agreement with an employer, he or she should consult the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Labor and Social Security on the possibility of obtaining a permit.

The Chinese government allows the spouse of foreign diplomatic or consular personnel or foreign experts in China to work with offices of foreign enterprises, international organizations (excluding the UN), international NGOs, Chinese companies, or privately-owned businesses with foreign investment - after receiving official approval. They may also work as journalists or on a voluntary basis – for a maximum of six months - at institutes of higher education in Beijing.

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