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Typhoon Haiyan brings severe storms to S China

( Xinhua )

Updated: 2014-05-22

BEIJING - China's national observatory on Monday issued a rainstorm alert for southern provinces as typhoon Haiyan unleashes its final blow after devastating the Philippines.

Haiyan is no longer the super typhoon it was when it tore through the Philippines, and it will continue to weaken and move northeastward at a speed of 15 kilometers after hitting Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, the National Meteorological Center (NMC) said.

Despite the weakening, Haiyan remains capable of producing floods and strong gales.

Haiyan is expected to bring heavy rains to Guangxi and the provinces of Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian and Guizhou on Monday and Tuesday, with some of the regions expecting rainstorms, the NMC said.

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