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Porridge with glutinous rice cake

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Updated: 2013-07-09

Porridge with glutinous rice cake

This food contains glutinous rice cake in porridge. The rice cake is made of 70 percent coarse glutinous rice and 30 percent sticky rice, then mixed with sugar and steam in a steamer.

The steamer is unusual. It is made of cedarn, with a diameter of 5 cm and 8 cm in height. It is shaped like a mini beer barrel. Each steamer can only cook one rice cake. A group of steamers are stacked one on top of another, measuring about 1 meter high.

The cakes are steamed for 10 minutes. Then the water chestnut powder of lotus root starch is dissolved in boiling water into porridge. Finally rose syrup, sugar, chopped fried peanuts, fried sesame seeds and various preserved fruit are added.

It is fragrant and sweet, but not greasy. It is nutritious and beneficial to our health.


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