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Yipin Pot Soup

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Updated: 2013-07-09

The name of Yipin Pot Soup originated from two stories. It is said that there is a well called Yipin Spring, so the soup beloved by people in a restaurant near the spring got the name Yipin Pot Soup. Yipin means "top class" in Chinese, so people praised the delicious soup with the honorary name, Yipin Pot Soup.

Its main ingredients are chicken, duck and pork leg. Other ingredients include ham, mushrooms, soaked bamboo slices, Chinese yam, bamboo and tender pea leaves. The ham, mushrooms and soaked bamboo slices have a special fragrance. The Chinese yam is good for people's spleen and stomach. The pea leaves also make the soup both colorful and fragrant.

The soup has a very exquisite production process. First, wash the chicken and duck and cook it in boiling water. Second, cook the pork leg thoroughly and rub salt and sugar all over it. Third, cut the ham and soaked bamboo slices into thin slices, and other ingredients into pieces. Fourth, put the vegetables in the bottom of the pot then the meat over the vegetables and add some ginger and spring onion in. Pour more boiled light soup cooked with salt, soy sauce, pepper and prepared in advance into the pot and cook for 10 minutes. Turn off the gas and put the tender pea leaves in.

The soup is quite nutritious, and it is particularly good for middle-aged and elderly people.

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