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Pingtan courier welcomes the busiest day2016-11-16

Pingtan couriers embrace their busiest working days right after China's Singles'Day.

Two Taiwan-licensed cars wheel into Pingtan2016-11-18

Pingtan has made it easy for Taiwan-licensed cars to run on the mainland through issuing temporary credentials

Pingtan sees cross-border e-commerce boom2016-11-15

Pingtan, of South China's Fujian province, has seen a cross-border boom, as it is currently building itself to be both a comprehensive pilot zone and a free trade zone.

Pingtan: a hotspot for cross- Straits youth to start business2016-11-15

Pingtan, in South China's Fujian province, has been actively attracting cross-Straits youth seeking employment or to start businesses in the city over the recent years, and it appears to be paying dividends.

Pingtan government awards fourteen SMEs 50,000 yuan2016-11-15

Pingtan government released the final list of 2016 Pingtan small and medium-sized technology-based companies on Nov 9. Fourteen companies, including Zongren Science and Technology (Pingtan) Co and TPK (Pingtan) Co, stood out among the candidates and are expected to be awarded a 50,000 yuan subsidy ($7,353) offered by the local government.

Pengrun Holding Group pursues opportunity in Pingtan2016-11-09

A delegation led by Huang Xiuhong, president of Pengrun Holding Group, paid a visit to Pingtan in South China’s Fujian province on Nov 4.

Pingtan promotes development of traditional Chinese medicine2016-10-31

Pingtan hosted the 12th Cross-Straits Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum, as the city attempts to lure TCM practitioners to the island city in Fujian province to build up its traditional Chinese medicine-based health care sector.

Local startups shine at Pingtan competition2016-10-24

After three days of competing at a cross-Straits startup contest, six teams occupied the top three places of the competition on Monday.