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Pingtan's Aoqian town wages war against garbage

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2014-04-21

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Aoqian town in Pingtan county is leading a clean-up campaign by organizing all residents to join the fight against pollution, Pingtan Times reported this month.

About 10 days after Pingtan authorities rolled out a cleaning plan that will continue for 100 days, Aoqian responded by disposing of 360 trucks of garbage weighing more than 1,000 tons, according to local officials.

To increase the efficiency of the mission, Aoqian arranged specific tasks for authorities from different administrative levels. Villages are responsible for collecting the waste, towns in charge of moving them and counties will take care of the disposal.

Banners with slogans on environment protection can be seen around 21 villages in Aoqian. Villagers are encouraged to move garbage to 17 waste transfer stations scattered around the town; and more than 50 cleaners are performing duties, said Lin Xinyu, deputy head of the town.

Aoqian is working to banish heaps of garbage piled up on roads across the town. It also urges residents to show civil behavior in public places and help with clean-up efforts, said Wen Bing, Aoqian’s town chief.

Garbage at the transfer stations will be moved to a landfill for disposal, he added.