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Typhoon Chan-Hom to enter East China Sea

( Xinhua )

Updated: 2015-07-09

HANGZHOU - Typhoon Chan-Hom will enter the East China Sea on Friday, bringing gales and rainstorms to coastal Zhejiang province, the provincial meteorological station said.

As of 5 am Thursday, the center of Chan-Hom was located at 22.1 degrees north latitude, 130.1 degrees east longitude, which was 1,140 km southeast to Wenzhou city.

The meteorological station forecast that it will enter the eastern region of the East China Sea on Friday and could be upgraded to a super typhoon. It may make landfall on Friday night or Saturday morning to affect Zhejiang and neighboring province of Fujian.

Zhejiang is evacuating people along the coastal regions to prepare for the upcoming storm.