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Fujian partners with China Three Gorges Corp

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2015-06-19

The Fujian provincial government and China Three Gorges Corporation signed a framework agreement on June 18, Southeast Express reported.

Based on the agreement, the two sides will enhance cooperation in clean energy and offshore wind power research.

The collaboration between Fujian and China Three Gorges Co is a natural fit, as the former boasts long shorelines and rich resources while the other is an industrial leader in ocean industries and new energy, said You Quan, Party Secretary of Fujian.

Fujian hopes the China Three Gorges Co can increase investment and accelerate project construction. In return, the provincial government will provide complete services for the company, he added.

China Three Gorges Co is optimistic about Fujian’s future after it was designated a core area of the modern Maritime Silk Road, said Lu Chun, board chairman of the company.