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Ningde government officials inspect Pingnan

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Updated: 2014-10-14

Ningde government officials inspect Pingnan

An inspection group visits a factory workshop on Oct 10 in Pingnan county, Fujian province. [Photo / cn-bsy.com]

Lin Hong, secretary of Ningde's municipal politics and law committee, led a group to inspect Pingnan county, Ningde city, in Fujian province on Oct 10.

Their first stop was Jitou, an ancient village with abundant relics. They inspected the operational base of the agricultural museum and the anti-corruption education base, and suggested more attention should be paid to guarantee the safety of historical dwellings and items. The group then visited the industrial parks and requested the local government provide more services to enterprises and to attract more projects and investment into the parks.

After that, the group inspected the Daixi-Bandou Road, the road construction department and an urban road remolding program. Lin praised Pingnan for its efforts in enhancing transportation conditions.

The group was also concerned about the programs that dealt with people's livelihoods, such as hospital operations, urban greening projects and the construction of a new primary school. The group thought highly of Pingnan's social programs for the residents and of the city'sdevelopment.

The group members included Li Guodu, deputy director of Ningde People's Congress, Lin Zhikun, deputy mayor of Ningde and Zhang Ruijin, deputy chairman of Ningde Political Consultative Conference.

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