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Pingnan seeks slogan to promote county image

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2014-02-06

Pingnan is looking for a slogan as it aims to improve its image in China and abroad – and to become known as an ecological tourist destination - and has opened up the process of finding a slogan to the general public.

The slogan – with a maximum of 10 words - should convey the county's characteristics and should also be catchy.

The authorities will select two slogans which will each receive the first prize of 1000 yuan ($165). A total of ten slogans will each receive a second prize of 500 yuan, and 50 contestants will each be awarded 200 yuan. The contestant whose slogan is adopted by the county government will be awarded an extra bonus.

The Pingnan government reserves the right to edit the submissions, and contestants will be held accountable for any plagiarism issues.

Submissions should be received by Feb 10, and can be sent by email: pnxxcb@163.com or 10249763@qq.com. Contestants should enclose their contact information.

Members of the public can contact the Pingnan county government in Fujian (Tel: 0593-3387071. Fax: 0593-3309902) and send their submissions by post.

By Wang Yifei and edited by Niva Whyman