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World expo


As an exhibition at the highest level in the world, the World Expo, which is the abbreviation for the World Exhibition, is a large-scale international exhibition sponsored by the government of one country, with participation by a number of countries and international organizations.

Its exhibitors are sovereign states and international organizations. Compared with other exhibitions, the World Expo is of higher standard, longer duration, larger scale, and with more participating countries. It promotes new products and introduces new technologies to strengthen economic and technological development.

It puts forward and advocates new ideas and new thinking to promote the scientific development of humankind and a new understanding of the world. It enhances exchange and cooperation to realize harmonious development and common prosperity for all countries. The World Expo is a great event for economic, technological, social and cultural exchange and cooperation among all the countries of the world, and it serves as a bridge of communication among all peoples.

The World Expo dates far back from the Great Exhibition of London held in the year 1851 up to today, a history of 162 years. It has played a positive and irreplaceable role in the development of human civilization and social progress. New technologies, inventions and achievements such as the steam engine, locomotive, elevator, electric lighting, phonograph, wireless telephone, television and robot are first introduced to the world at Expos of different times.

These are closely tied to the Industrial Revolution, automobile revolution, communication and information revolution, and the environmental revolution of those times, and they record every advance of human civilization.

Many landmarks of the World Expo have become important cultural heritages. For example, the world famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Atomium in Brussels and China Art Museum in Shanghai, built for pervious Expos, are milestones in the history of architecture and represent the glorious history of human civilization.