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Updated: 2005-10-27 08:46

Leon Lee back in Beijing for New Year's eve



Leon Lee back in Beijing for New Year's eve

Hong Kong singer, Leon Lee, is to return to the Beijing stage after a 13 year absence.

The forty-something singer is expected to hold his return concert at the Worker's Gymnasium in Beijing on New Year Eve, December 31.   

Lee has just staged an acclaimed concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum.   

The so-called "Godfather of music", Taiwan artist, Jonathan Lee, spent half a year with Leon Lee and tailored a new mandarinrepertoire, entiled "A Story", just for Leon Lee.   

Lee's concert is set to be the last at the Worker's Gymnasium, prior to it being closed in prepartation for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.




repertoire: the stock of songs, plays, operas, readings, or other pieces that a player or company is prepared to perform(准备好演出的节目,保留剧目)


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