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Updated: 2005-10-26 09:46

Vivian Chow in concert Oct. 2006



Vivian Chow in concert Oct. 2006

Singers that ruled during the 80s are making a huge comeback, such as Sandy Lam, Shirley Kwan, Grasshoppers and even the virgin-like Vivian Chow who is taking the Hong Kong Coliseum stage once again.

A credible source says that Vivian is penciled in for October 2006 for her 20th anniversary in the recording biz.

Since retiring in 1997, the 38-year old has been approached countless times by mega-promoters to produce her show, includingmogulCheung Yiu Wing. These promoters offered Vivian HK $800,000 per date but she didn't budge. Recently Cheung finally broke through to nab Vivian's show.

In 1986 Vivian participated in a radio DJ competition to start her career as a jockey and singer. Her 3 mandarin albums gained 8-time platinum status.




mogul: a very wealthy or powerful businessman(显要人物)


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