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Updated: 2005-10-24 09:44

A "Huge Rain Storm" coming to Beijing

近日,韩国万人迷Rain在北京工人体育场举行其“RAIN RAINY DAY演唱会”。虽然当晚气温只有6摄氏度,加上又是露天场馆,Rain却无惧寒冷,甚至不惜淋雨大玩湿身诱惑,令现场气温骤升,fans尖叫全场。


Rain, who is presented as Asia's Star, is landing on Mainland China after going through Japan, Hong Kong and Taipei.

Rain is set to open his solo concert, and invade China today at the Beijing Workers Stadium in front of 40,000 fans. 40,000 spectators at a concert is something that was never even attempted before.

Rain would be venturing to aim for Chinese fans, rather than his Korean fans at the concert venue with almost same size as Jamsil Main Stadium.

Rain's representatives adamantly said that they, "were very nervous since this is the first solo concert in China," and that, "despite that (they) would do their best to show the power of a Korean singer, and return." In order to obtain interviews for this concert, there will be reporters from Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand going over to Beijing, China. There will be an expected 350 Chinese reporters there as well.

DR Music, who is in charge of Rain's South-East Asia invasion, has said that, "this is a matter of "Hanryu" pride so (they) feel a great sense of power," and that there have been "manynoteworthystars, from Taipei and Hong Kong, those who anyone would recognize with just their names, asking for VIP seats, and also that those from the Chinese Ministry of Culture, as well as public authorities, military personnel and other top officials who are expected to be in the VIP sections."

On one hand, the Chinese have arranged to fill at least 5,000 seats in order to insure that their foreign singer is able to have as perfect a concert as possible.

(Shenzhen Daily)



noteworthy: deserving notice or attention; notable(值得注意的;引人注意的)


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