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Updated: 2005-09-21 10:38

Jackie Chan "The Myth" premiers at Great Hall of the People


Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan's latest martial arts blockbuster The Myth held a grand premiere ceremony on Tuesday evening at Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Chan teamed up with director Stanley Tong and South Korean actress Kim Hee Sun, Chinese mainland actor Shao Bing met media from home and abroad in the afternoon at the China World Hotel.   

Chan revealed that the theme song has originally been decided to be sing by Han Hong and Sun Nan, but the producer found that his mandarin voice and Kim Hee Sun’s Korean voice create a harmonious and fresh sensation in the song.

Chan said, "Though my Korean is quite good, it is hard to express emotions in a foreign language when you sing a song."  

It was the first time for Kim Hee Sun to cooperate with Jackie Chan.   

"Jackie Chan is an actor that actors around the world would love to cooperate with," Kim Hee Sun said. When asked whether Chan was too tough anddemandingon actors, Kim Hee Sun said, "Chan and the director both cared much to actors when shooting."  

"The most touching scene was in a cave with at 20-centigrade below zero. I was surprised when I felt awarmthon my chest but it turned out to be Kim Hee Sun's tears. She was frozen and about to faint in the low temperature." Jackie Chan said.   

The Myth is a $20 million production co-produced by Chan's film company and the China Film Group Corporation.   

The film is about the discovery by an archaeologist of the mausoleum built by China's first emperor Qin Shihuang in 221 BC.   

The film will open in cinemas across China starting September 23.   




demanding: requiring more than usually expected or thought due(苛求的)

warmth: the sensation caused by heat energy(暖和,温暖)


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