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Make mine a triple
Thousands of Erhus to open music fest
German fest swings Bach to jazz
Shanghai hosts dancing contest
Writers exchange words
Joan Chen wants to direct film about contemporary Shanghai
Love is in the air
Top DJs spin the New Year in
Chinese musical planned
Relics from Shaanxi reveal past prosperity and glory
Dance class never this much fun
Shanghai women in focus
Jazz diva on stage
'Butterfly Dream' reawakens
Cartoon channel opened in Shanghai
Shanghai set for festive fun
Man of glass
A case of 'Phantom' fever
Enjoy Chinese painting
Chinese lens on Finland
Qi Yu to stage goodbye concert in Shanghai
HBO lands Shanghai
A feast of Peking Opera
Showtime at the art fair
Discounts for Sunday concerts
Exhibition venerates de Gaulle
Beauty from ugliness
Long live the King!
The man with the golden flute
Aussie film festival for city
Cutting edge art sharpens the eye
Secret war in the high country
Africa in focus
Lucky diamond put on display
Boom city swaps commerce for culture
Broadway stars for Asian debut
The French connection
New Merchant-Ivory Film Takes on Shanghai
The boys are back
Four days of jazz
Beat of a Taiwan drum
Elton rocks into town
'Sweet and Sour' sing along
Cultural spotlight shines
Celebrate 125 years of symphony
Festival features international crew
'2046' set for national debut
Nostalgic Shanghai opera
Fashionable Shanghai plans Spanish bullfight
Chinese Valentine's offerings

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