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Beauty from ugliness
(Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2004-11-12 09:31

Beauty from ugliness
The Children's Art Theater of the China Welfare Institute will stage "The Ugly Princess," an adaption of Amercian writer Phyllis Mckinley's novel, this weekend.
What is the truth about beauty? Parents do not have to search their brains for an answer - just take their children to the play, "The Ugly Princess."

Adapted from the novel by American writer Phyllis Mckinley, the play presents an interesting story which can teach children how to acquire true beauty and be popular. The lead character is a spoiled young princess who has a twisted face due to her extremely detestable temper. Learning that the prince in the neighboring country calls her "the ugly princess," she turns to her father who then searches for a magician to fix her face. However, neither the magicians nor the best doctors can do anything to help her. Then a woman cleaner in the palace brings along her four pretty daughters to takeover the task ... Produced by the Children's Art Theater of the China Welfare Institute, the play is suitable for pre-school children and young students.

For years, family education has been a hot topic among experts, parents and teachers, particularly in a modern Chinese family under the one-child policy. How to educate and bring up the only "star" in the home is a top issue for parents and grandparents. "As a theater designed especially for children, we've been working hard to bring happiness to them," says Cui Zhiyin from the theater. "Particularly we want to present instructive entertainment that fires the imagination of their pure hearts."

The play tells children medicine and magic cannot provide real beauty, but rather friendship, affection and a considerate heart. Since its debut last January, the play has had 18 performances and become very popular with children. Cui reveals that she has been delighted to discover that after every show the young audience has really been able to learn something from the play. She says that the children insist on putting on their coats by themselves, telling their parents that they can manage alone.

Date: November 13-14, 9:30am, 2pm

Venue: Lyceum Theater, 57 Maoming Rd

Tickets: 60-70 yuan

Tel: 6248-2587

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