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Make mine a triple
(Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2006-01-19 10:02

Few international artists who create their own style manage to make each of their songs sound different.

German dj ATB, aka Andre Tanneberger, 32, however, manages to give each of his tracks its own spirit while still surprising fans and always remaining ATB.

That is exactly what makes him an internationally successful DJ and producer. Tanneberger has come a long way before making his first entry into DJ Mag's "Top 10 in 2005," taking ninth place, 14 years after he began DJing.

Tanneberger has a unique skill in combining ambient and trance with a wide variety of musical influences. He delivers dance songs with melancholic hooks and wonderful harmonies, smooth and relaxing sounds that carry you away. He has repeatedly laid milestones in modern club music.

While many struggle throughout their careers, Tanneberger immediately went into overdrive with his first ATB track "9 PM (Till I Come)," which reached the top of the UK charts in 1999 and took his music around globe.

He has also released a number of clubber's favorites like "Marrakech," recorded with British vocalist Tiff Lacey, and "In Love with the DJ."

"Today's hectic life and high level of stress is having an extreme effect on people. Music can provide us with calm, distraction and relaxation," claims Tanneberger.

If you take the time to listen to his music, you will understand the real purpose behind ATB's way of making and living music. The melancholic beats combined with charismatic female vocals create an environment where your mind can drift away.

Tanneberger is about to find out that Shanghai is truly a city in love with DJs. He is coming to the VIP Room tonight. And also at the nightclub, tomorrow night, party animals will meet the Stanton Warriors, aka Mark Yardley & Dominic B, a breakbeat duo from the UK.

Emerging in the burgeoning British dance scene, they have an enriched music style with a broad influence of deep house, funk, electro and hip-hop. The locals are expecting to hear some of their most successful productions and remixes, including "Da Antidote" and "Jump N Shout."

Besides, local DJ Ben Huang, who once dominated the Chinese underground music scene and the first Chinese DJ invited to perform in Europe, will have his "Ting!!! Part Two" following "Part One" one month ago at Fabrique club.

Open your eyes to Huang's electronic sounds, and take a joy ride through soundscapes from Berlin to Detroit, and London to Paris.

"In Love with the DJ"
Date: January 19, 9pm
Tickets: 150 yuan

Stanton warriors' party
Date: January 20, 9pm
Tickets: 100 yuan
Venue: VIP Room, 459 Wulumuqi Rd N.
Tel: 6248-8898

Ting!!!Part Two
Date: January 20, 9pm
Venue: Fabrique, 8 Jianguo Rd M.
Tickets: 60 yuan (includes a drink)
Tel: 6415-1600

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