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  Exhibition on Deng Xiaoping attracts 120,000 visitors
Updated: 2004-09-04 23:36

"Giant of the Century" -- Exhibition to Commemorate the Centennial of the Birth of Deng Xiaoping, which closed Saturday, has attracted 120,000 visitors since its opening on Aug. 26.

They also left 14 books of words after visiting the exhibition,where some 230 pictures and 80 exhibits were display on the show.

Hong Kong media commented that such enthusiasm is rarely seen in an exhibition in Hong Kong which features one single person.

Among the visitors from all walks of life in Hong Kong, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Tung CheeHwa, and Rita Fan, former president of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, visited the exhibition twice in order to have a better view of the exhibits.

Some visitors went to the exhibition with video cameras to tapeall the photos and historic documents for record. Some took photoswith Deng Xiaoping's bronze statue or in front of big photos of Deng.

People queued up before the opening hour of the exhibition or lingered after the closing hour at the Hong Kong Exhibition Center.

A 90-minute documentary film on Deng attracted much of the audience, moving some of them to tears. Many viewers had to stand to watch the film as the 80 seats there were far from enough.



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